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  2. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=33788/cooking-with-unstable-herbs The pot is boiling and everything is ready, speak to Fiona when you're ready to make the concoction. So you speak to Fiona. Her chat pane opens, but the bubble "I'm ready" is NOT THERE so you can't click it. Therefore Fiona never starts the brew and you can't complete the quest. Severity 5: This prevents acquiring Fiona as a Garrison Follower.
  3. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34779/circle-the-wagon Foreman Zipfizzle informs you of a wagon that fell behind; Your Mission is to go out, find the wagon, and escort the NPC's to Zipfizzle's location. As soon as you get to the group, the quest becomes "Ready for turn-in" in your quest log. SHOULD BE that there is a fight, a run, a second fight, a second run, a third fight, and a final run to Zipfizzle. NOBODY has a "?" to end the quest that is "Ready for turn-in" in your quest log. The map shows the "?" where it should be when the third fight and run are done. Going to that spot, NOBODY HAS A "?" so the quest can't be handed in and completed. Severity:8; this is the second of a 7 quest chain enabling other quest chains; access to Garrison Followers is blocked.
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  5. Доброе утро, пытаюсь пройти квест "Приказ вождя" мне нужно встретиться с Натаносом Гнилостенем на борту "Воя банши" но тут нету этого NPS. Пере заход в мир не помогает, отказывался и брал этот квест много раз, всё равно NPS не появляется. Что делать?
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  7. 5 человек, берем только с русскоязычными именами персонажей, связаться можно со мной - Пулдэй.
  8. Доброго времени суток. Гильдия старенькая, с открытия сервера. В данный момент возрождаю состав. По поводу World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - неизвестно, зависит от работы проекта/проектов по разработке.
  9. Здравствуй, впервые слышу про такую гильдию "Тремхейм" это точно у нас на сервере?)) Сколько человек в гильдии и какой онлайн средний по вечерам? как пройти собеседование, с кем связаться и где? Или вы так заранее к ШЛ готовитесь? Кстати есть пару вопросов по ШЛ пираткам..
  10. То чувство когда про орду вообще ни слова, будто там вообще нет никаких гильдий.. Стоило бы еще хоть за орду 1 гильдию назвать, а то складывается такое ощущение что существует на ЕС только Альянс.
  11. Wandering Vendors should stop (when clicked on) long enough for us to inspect items and buy... say 30 seconds minimum. AS IS, wandering vendors don't stop more than 3 seconds. This makes buying from them difficult to impossible. e.g. Craggle Wobbletop https://www.wowhead.com/npc=52358/craggle-wobbletop
  12. Доброго времени суток. Милости просим в наши ряды, оставляйте заявки на форуме. С уважением, Пулдэй и приятной игры!
  13. Shattrath quest chain to https://www.wowhead.com/quest=10211/city-of-light to chose Scryers https://www.wowhead.com/quest=10552/allegiance-to-the-scryers vs Aldor https://www.wowhead.com/quest=10551/allegiance-to-the-aldor, Archmage Khadgar offers the "end choice": Scryer or Aldor? Upon making your choice and becoming in good rep with the one and hated with the other, the "?" over Khadgar's head does not disappear. It should have disappeared. After choosing allegiance with the Scryers (mentioned above) Khadgar still had the gold "?" over his head (as mentioned above). He also had "allegiance with Aldor" in his quest chat pane. He should NOT have had this quest still offered. When I selected that and completed Aldor allegiance, I became Exalted with Aldor and Hated with Scryers. I was the reverse when I first completed Allegiance with Scryers. Suggestion: since we're 4 expacks past this, cause quests to give POSITIVE rep with both Aldor and Scryer. edit: Please move to Quests.
  14. Etherside War Boards reject query if PC is mounted. On Blizz servers, being mounted does not affect War Boards. Etherside Warboards also do not GIVE a quest as they do on Blizz servers.
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  16. Здравствуйте. Ознакомьтесь с официальным системными требованиями для вашей системы. Операционная система: macOS 10.13 (ранее: 10.12) Процессор: Intel Core i7-4770 (ранее: i5-4670) Графическая карта NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 960 (ранее: GeForce GT 775M) Графическая карта AMD: Radeon R9 M395X (ранее: R9 M290X) Новые требования: 4GB VRAM, совместимая с Metal GPU Память: 8GB RAM
  17. Some battle pet skills show animation twice (web spitting), but damage only once. Some battle pet skills do not function (Spider Leech Life does bite damage, but pet using skill does not heal at all, let alone double if target is webbed).
  18. не запускается при наличии разрешения/
  19. Battle pet battles: Upon landing a killing blow, victor strikes the vanquished corpse with the same attack animation 2 more times. This prevents undead and mechanicals from employing their "last stand" or "second wind" after first death. Killing blow animation is repeated 3 times (not twice) against pets that have a "last stand" or "second wind".
  20. Most (if not all) battle pet mobs in SW are "Level 0" and cannot battle. Many battle pets out in Outland, Draenor, Kul Tiras, Northrend, Stranglethorn, and therefore probably all zones, have level 0 pets (some, most, or exclusively level 0).
  21. Audrey Burnhep does not complete the quest she gives: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=31591/learning-the-ropes Get the quest, win a pet battle, return to Audrey. "complete" button is red, but clicking accomplishes nothing. Therefore the followup quests cannot be started or completed https://www.wowhead.com/quest=31592/on-the-mend https://www.wowhead.com/quest=31821/level-up https://www.wowhead.com/quest=31593/got-one
  22. Audrey Burnhep does not complete the quest she gives to meet Audry Burnhep (https://www.wowhead.com/quest=32008/audrey-burnhep). --goofey quest to give: Hey you Hero! Meet me! --More goofey when the quest will not complete.
  23. Found the trainer in Dalaran teaches outland mining. Unfortunately no luck with outland blacksmith
  24. Carrying out Brother Paxton's Quest (https://www.wowhead.com/quest=28806/fear-no-evil), upon healing an injured Stormwind Infantry, said soldier exclaims "You're $n! The hero that everyone has been talking about! Thank you!" The "$n" should be replaced by the character's name I cannot be certain which of the several "fear no evil" quests listed in WowHead is the actual one experienced by a human mage. I'm not sure that effects the formatting of the exclaimation. Priority 0 (game works, this is a minor blit). Edit: Please move to Quests.
  25. Could someone please have a look at this? Alliance can't learn from Horde Trainer and the Alliance Trainer doesn't teach this so I can't continue my mining Profession
  26. Knitwit obtained a per-character achievement https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=1176/got-my-mind-on-my-money meaning I've looted 100 gold, when as a brand new mage I've looted only 59 copper. Counting error? Or is this treated as account-wide? Wowhead lists it as an individual achievement.
  27. Здравствуйте. У нас максимально возможная работоспособность для бесплатного сервера актуальной версии. Также полностью реализован весь контент патча 8.2 С балансом всё в порядке, наш сервер соответствует близлайку. В прошлой теме, созданной вами, был дан ответ по поводу того, что нужно сделать для комфортной игры.
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