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  3. Кто ещё играет конектимся тут, Оставляйте имена пароли явки ! ссылку на дискорд , если фракция укажите ( орда) или ( алики) ! Получил два приглашения в дискорд по почте в игре дружы, но ссылка не рабочяя и к тому же не верно прописана в ней все заглавные буквы а так не бывает ! Зайти к вам не получилось ! Мой акк в дискорде= #4970 кидайте приглашение ! Мой дискорт-канал= ВарКрафт можно по поиску найти . https://discord.gg/uUYekBPv (действует сутки.) Оставляйте ссылки и название каналов чтоб вас можно было найти а то ссылки устаривают ! Мой ник в игре, Снегурочка и Бабайко .
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  6. Should you have any issues or questions, don't hesitate to ask me. My Discord is Exxia#5442. I can't promise I will check the Forums consistently, but I will attempt to. As for Discord I check it almost all the time, so your best shot at grabbing my attention is there.
  7. Well, sadly that's because of the current player-base being fairly small. Mainly in different areas as well, and if you're playing Horde you may want to switch to Alliance as pretty much most of the population I've seen are there, should be a fair amount in Boralus at time though. But depends really.
  8. As for integration/migration, I've never been told of any plans for that. Nor do I think it will happen, the only issue to that is the current player-base/community. Which has lost traction in the last months, but if you need me I am here.
  9. Personally I've never liked forums hence I haven't been on here, but it's none of your faults that the server is in the state it is in. I can assure I'll do my best to help everyone I can, if you need me just let me know. My Discord is Exxia#5442.
  10. После запуска фреша на пандах, администрация планирует заниматься текущим проектом или уже все?
  11. Ответ был дан. Только с выходом нового дополнения будут доступны союзные расы.
  12. Когда выйдет дополнение 8.3, тогда и будут Вулперы и Механогномы.
  13. Вопрос о союзных Рассах и когда откроют Вульперов
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  15. Manual Download the launcher and replace it in your folder .
  16. Здравствуйте. Просто ожидайте, идет докачка файлов
  17. Игра не запускается, после выбора региона игра даже, не запускается в диспетчере задач уходит в фоновые процессы, что делать?
  18. Hello, when I open the launcher, this window appears and when I click it, this new supposed launcher appears and when I execute it, it launches this error that I can do to correct this problem before, it did not happen to me and as you can see the file called New_ EtherSideLauncher apparently weighs 0 kb so how could i solve the problem by trying
  19. i want to play with more players....but i cant see no one.....and i have war mode activate!! sad :((
  20. Try to delete the WTF folder and remove the read-only antribute from your Data folder . I did not ecounter this error .
  21. crocopufi

    Twilight Shores

    Name of not working quest : Twilight Shores : https://www.wowhead.com/quest=28238/twilight-shores Description of the problem : The NPC Fargo Flintlocke is not visible to take the reward and finish the quest . The question mark appears on the map but the NPC not : How it must work : Priority of the problem(1-10) : 3
  22. Name of not working quest : The King's Command : https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29547/the-kings-command Description of the problem : The cinematic with King Varian Wrynn that is supposed to start when you enter in the Stormwind Keep does not start and the mission cannot be completed . I wandered inside the whole castle but nothing happens : How it must work : When you enter the Stormwind Keep the cinematic starts . After the cinematic ends you take the reward from Rell Nightwind outside the castle : Priority of the problem(1-10) : 2
  23. Well, downloaded the game, all good, manually downloaded the launcher and replaced it...I get the same error everytime I try to open the game: client is damaged and sends me to bnet help site which obviously doesn't help Any info regarding this would be nice.
  24. Whenever i attack anything i cant use my spells it says "invalid target"
  25. crocopufi


    Name of not working quest : Manhunt : https://www.wowhead.com/quest=147/manhunt Description of the problem : Morgan the Collector is not reachable . He is blocked in the upper part inside the house and cannot be taunted or range attacked . The other two mobs that are with him , the mage and the warrior are located on the roof of the house , again cannot be reached . Link with proof below : https://ibb.co/rZqNS1K How it must work : All the mobs must be on the floor near the fire not on the roof or in the upper part of the house . Link bellow : Priority of the problem(1-10) : 1
  26. 2021 and still not fixed .
  27. Same here , still not fixed .
  28. Just hit Manual download , save the new launcher and replace it in the game folder .
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