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Spells and talents

How to report a bug, please read!

Please choose section for your report carefully.
Topic name must contain a clear description of the problem, if it's about not working spells/quests/npcs, then the topic name must contain the name of the spell/quest/npc.
Incorrect examples: "fix it!", "i wanna tell you about it", "bug, can you solve the problem?"

Please follow this format:

  • Name of not working spell/quest/npc etc. It is necessarily to add a link to WoWHead or WoWwiki.
  • Description of the problem. Try to explain as best as you can. Describe what is exactly wrong. Add proof of your words - screenshots, video or combat log. Explain to us how we can reproduce this issue.
  • How it must work. It is necessarily to give examples with the link to WoWHead, WoWWiki or WoWPedia. You can use any evidence, the main thing that it isn't your opinion, but official data from the official WoW server. Please describe everything as detailed as possible.
    Before creating a report, follow one simple rule - describe everything so that you can be understood even by a person who has never played your class or even WoW. Then anyone will understand you, and no one will have questions.
  • Priority of the problem(1-10). It doesn't mean that if you will place 10 the developers will work on it in immediately. We create our own priority list.



  • Don't forget about codes of conduct which also work in bug tracker.
  • BugTracker - isn't section for questions. Discuss all your issues with your class or spell or skill first in game section and then create a report here.
  • Please do not "Bump" topics which are already on the first page or even in top-10.
  • Before you create a thread, make sure that this problem isn't already reported. If you have a link to WoWHead, then just copy/paste it in search bar on the forum.
  • One bug equal to one topic, please don't write many different bugs in one topic.
  • All topics described not by rules or if issue is already reported topic can be closed and declined.

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