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QA (Quality Assurance) - fixes testing

This section for testing fixes before applying to live server.

How to join QA team

First of all, to join QA team we must know you, so we don't accept new, only registered, users.

What does QA mean?
- QA - Quality Assurance.

What does QA team do?
- When a developer fixes a bug, the report will be moved to QA Fixed, and it will be applied to the QA Test realm. Then QA testers can test all the changes, if the fix is correct - it will be applied to live (pandawow) server, if not - developer will review this report one more time.

Why we need this system?
- We've created it to prevent cases when the fixes that we apply on live (pandawow) server are breaking other things. With QA test realm & testers we can test all changes before applying to live (pandawow) server.

What should I do to join QA team?
- You need to write PM (private message) to our developers Heisenberg#7245 in our Discord: https://discord.gg/sN9Gp9h or DeadMouse (DeadMouse#4096 in Discrord).

With the following information:

  • Your game experience.
  • What do you prefer to test? Which class?
  • Have you ever played on retail?
  • Are you good in-game(PvP) mechanics?
  • How much accounts do you need on QA test realm? (If he's available)
  • Login of game account(s) for access to QA test realm. (If he's available)


  1. Applying to QA realm

    Report is fixed, but still not applied to QA realm.

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  2. Applied - ready for testing

    For fixes that are applied on QA realm and ready for testing

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  3. Fix needs review

    Fix was tested, but still something wrong or just need review

  4. Fixed and tested

    Will be applied on live server after update

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