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  1. if they go 8.2 maybe the server will get new members, we also strugle on horde to make raids we dont have enough people and the new ones are low geared we cant pass last bosses in BoD. the admins can make some promotions + go directly to 8.2 with some starter gear to help new players. make the shop less expensive so everyone can get gear ( less exp means more people can aford and also server gets more suport) or idk maybe other option means u need to talk with the community. also GMs are not active , they are not quick in resolving the issues that community have. u must do something the server is going quickly down.
  2. its almost july and i didnt got my mount changed nice work admins! thank u!
  3. Hello i donated for Change Faction Alliance to Horde in my case. I have donated in past for this mount" vicious war fox" alliance mount only. Now that i moved my char to horde i cant use it so - 1 mount for me unable to use. Can i have my mount changed to my new faction horde pls? I dont want other mounts, i want a vicious one but for horde faction. Can 1 admin help with this. I did 1 ticket and 1 GM answered " i cant help u with this only a ranked GM or Admin can help u ".
  4. Can admin close this topic pls? Also have a warning for insults. U entered a discussion to bash people, to insult not to help with info. Admin explained to me everything. U are not in administration list to come here and make policy. One more thing i dont care about what u say Gyoricsi. Thank u Zeox for answer.
  5. gyoricsi how much u donated to help the server? lets see. and yes i love to help people in every server iplay. for ur brainless accusations i dont like pvp. and yes its my donation and i care about it. thank u Admin for the reply i will wait the transfer. i just want to know what will happen and now its ok. and for the haters - go retail boys!
  6. what 2 months u said as soon as 100 x realm come online until people get progress. then pls return our donation points back. we spend money for something that we dont use? lets say something happends to server (lets say...) we spend money for what. u promissed u will bring chars from 10x to 100x as soon as possible now u say 2 months wth is this come on. i have alot of points donated give us the characters back, and people who cry about we are to OP should be happy because we help them with progress much faster,plus we pay the server keep going forward. remember no one keep a wow server up without getting something, nothing is free in this world. when i asked in world channel u said 2-4weeks max restore period. u have the database in ur hands ez work in 1 night u restore them,job done. maybe some people who donated will never do it again bec of this delays.
  7. server is off so is not that problem
  8. also tell us we can play on 10x when 100x is opened? and exactly when the chars will be transfered: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month ? in my opinion should be a good idea to transfer directly all chars etc without waiting nothing bec anyway there will be a difference betwen new players and us who play on 10x specialy if we donated. why to wait im allmost full donation. i can help easy other players going up faster (harder quests, dungeons, etc). plus we know the content now its a plus for new players.
  9. well u turn off the realm until the 100x server will be on? well i wanna play 10x each day, also i donated for my char i wanna play it. i will participate on the new 100x server stress test but i wanna play on the 10x until i will get moved to the new one. players must chose if they wanna lvl again there. i dont wanna lvl and make new chars, i wanna focus 1 main char then in future maybe i will consider to make a alt! so pls let 10x realm up with 100x realm working. its not right to shut down the 10x when 100x comes maybe some of us dont want that.
  10. Any admin can put back the server up. We keep dc-ing when we try to log on.
  11. Hello i want to ask what happens with the players that worked in the 10x realm, bec when u guys will open the 100x everyone will go there the 10x realm will die. If that will happpen then i will quit this server. i worked alot to do kul'tiras loremaster and all quests. plus i lvled my char from 0 -120 in 10x . Let us merge with 100x realm or make transfer free from 10x to 100x bec for sure the 10x will die in 1 week or so bec everyone will go in 100 x realm.
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