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  1. As title states, theres no denying server numbers are going down. I think to combat this is get the team to get crackin on Naja And Mech. I know scripting and all that takes time, granted the numbers will continue dying down. And the result will be death to a server. I think this is a last hope aside advertising. But didnt that already happen? People are running out of things to do. Getting bored.. logging. I think patch up asap, or create fun. Also just remove the 100x on leveling. Just do instant 120 option with the 5x 10x 20x for people who want that etc. Takes 1-2 hour to level to 120. its pointless and a waste of time. As the word 100x makes people look away of even joining. (look at forums and youtube comments etc)
  2. ekud

    TItan Residuum

    Since this is 100x server, are we ever gonna implement a raise rate of currency of Titan Residuum?
  3. ekud

    Another Topic

    Another DC, another Mythic + reduced before reset. When is the stability gonna come or when are players gonna be compensated? I mean itd be different if it wasnt mythic + and progress wasnt lost but every night this happens.
  4. As title states. Its quite annoying when youre running keys and the server disconnects right before you finish. This has happened to me and others a handful of times. Not only does it downgrade the key it also creates a hassle of doing 2x the work / 2x as time. I think if this happens people should be compensated some type of reward.
  5. As the title says. Whats the balance right now? Player wise?
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