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  1. I opened a ticket...but it was closed by 'Rain' without any comment....please explain...
  2. Issue: Completing dungeons with 4 or 5 Guild memebers doesn't award the achievement for the dungeon What should happen: Guild gets awarded achievement for completing dungeon More information: I have tested with 4 and 5 party members. I get the notice that x/5 members are from the guild and guild achievements can be achieved. The number listed is always 1 less than the number of party members. Example: 5/5 party members being from the same guild, it says 4/5 are of the same guild.
  3. Issue: When disenchanting items from Vanilla content, no materials are returned. What should happen: Enchanting Items should be created
  4. Issue: when opening Leystone Lock Boxes from Legion content, they were empty 100% of the time. If I close the window instead of looting (as it's empty) the item is removed from my inventory. I get the same outcome if I don't loot all items due to bag space (example) and the lock box is destroyed, along with the items left in it. What should happen: Items be present in box, if items left in box, item should not be destroyed. Item: https://www.wowhead.com/item=121331/leystone-lockbox
  5. Thanks Imberbe. Unfortunately, I only seem to be getting a response here and not via any support ticket reqquest that has been raised. If you could nudge the person/team that looks at the support tickets, that would be great With thanks in advance, Frankle.
  6. Greetings Support, My Druid (Frankle) never received the Azerite booster. How do I go about obtaining it? Thanks in Advance, Frankle
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