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  1. also Blingtron: 7000 can be crafted and the toy works but he doesnt give you the option to receive a gift which is basically the whole reason to get him
  2. alcan

    Nazjatar bugged loots

    fishing also empty
  3. alcan

    Nazjatar bugged loots

    Mardivas' Bag of Containing also empty
  4. Hello! I got a voidcasters supply bag and it was simply empty? Wouldnt have minded some of those supplies!
  5. Wormhole Generator: Kul Tiras Wormhole Generator: Zandalar Both are Engineering toys from Nazjatar. Can be crafted but don't teleport you, they simply go on cooldown.
  6. Hello! The worldquest area for Wild Flutterbies seems to be at the wrong location, which is why you cant really do the quest and why its getting in the way of A Jolt of Power. The "catch flutterby" thing overrides the "resurrect lizard" thing so you have to run out of the area and try to get the right thing to appear, but if you try to do the flutterbies quest it doesnt appear where the flutterbies are.
  7. Quitting game and relogging seems to have fixed it, kinda sucks if i have to relog everytime it breaks
  8. My Resounding Protection says i should be getting 15k shield for 30 seconds, yet I'm only getting 3k shield. My Diamond-Laced Refracting Prism (400ilvl) says 13855 shield every 8.8sec (10 seconds shortened by haste) up to 69277 shield, yet I'm only getting 3.3k every 8.8 seconds and up to 34k shield
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