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  1. you should find a guild or players that can help you,im sure you will find.
  2. the game got all those events working.
  3. they dont even fix fishing in nazjatar,what are you expecting.
  4. bored? yea for sure on those conditions. but only here, because others servers rolling bfa are full atm. rly weird...
  5. a thing that made ppl run besides shadowland ofc, is that the dificulty on mythic keys is completely buged,when we do only a m10 its like a m15, i dont know how the devs set the difficulty but its totaly wrong. when i see other servers with the same stuff and ppl with lower gear doing m18 to m21 ,plz dont try to sell us some [email protected]@ telling us that we are noobs or that sort of things,a lot of ppl that i have known here told me that even on retail it was rly rly easyer. you tryed to milk the cow so much that ppl just gave up. (talking bout the shop).
  6. is there a way to transfer our accounts from this server to another one? the cause is the server is dying more and more each day. none talks in world chat, no battlegrounds , almost no pve... none cares... soooooo, what now? thx for your answer.
  7. lower some definitions of the game,disable vertical sinc, on advanced look if your graphic card is choosen and what dxd is running. even with a gtx 1070 you wont play the game at full ultra settings /4k. try some definitions and findout whats the one that fit your cpu. hope it helps, good luck. btw the first loading of the game use to take more time than usual.
  8. Oi, loot a ser consertado: - queda de pesca, pesca não dá nenhum saque em nazjatar. https://www.wowhead.com/item=168646/mauve-stinger#reagent-for -todos os cofres largados por criaturas nazjatar ficam vazios quando abertos por rogues / keys / scrolls https://www.wowhead.com/item=169475/barnacled-lockbox#contains - ao colher plantas em nazjatar, quase tudo cai https://pt.wowhead.com/item=166888/semente-germinando mesmo após completar a missão, quando não deveria. -sentry fish não solta peças sobressalentes quando você desmonta https://www.wowhead.com/item=168262/sentry-fish . Cumprimentos,
  9. sad that none care about reading posts in there,but ingame players ask about it...
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