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  1. hi, uldir's second boss MOTHER seems to have a bug that has been reported before and is still not fixed. When the winds activate in the chamber you sometimes can't escape it and will keep running until you get to second chamber and even then sometimes it stays on. Please help.
  2. Hi, I don't know if others have this problem but so far most people with herbalism find it hard to find Anchor weed which is needed for crafting Flasks for our characters. This is problematic for raids and such and i want to know if maybe it is bugged or something. I have found 3 spots where 3 Anchor weed spawns and that is it. I doubt it is respawn time because respawn time is so fast on this server.
  3. Hi, i tried to do the Amani battle bear event in Zul' Aman. The timer showed up and i killed the 4 bosses in order until i came to the last one ofc (the 4th one) and when i spoke to the Troll that is in the cage, there is no text and she does not open the vases to give the mount that is in the last vase. I did this on my warrior: Skopgat.
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