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  1. Может быть, вы не можете, потому что необходимо активировать свою учетную запись по электронной почте или отправить на почтовый ящик. Попробуйте связаться с администратором. Администрация Maybe you can't because need to activate your account via email witch is send to mail box.Try contact with Administrator
  2. Откуда я знаю, что эта проблема появляется, когда я пытаюсь связать предмет / монтирование / достижение в чате. Это происходит со мной, когда я пытаюсь сделать это в чате гильдии или на вечеринке только в PM, никогда не пробуй в мировом чате. How i know this problem appear when y try to linl item/mount /achievment in chat.Its happend to me when try it in guild chat or party work only at PM never try in world chat.
  3. Take other zeppelin behind you. From there you can used fly path and fly to Under City
  4. After clicking a lot quest work can be closed.
  5. Ancient Tortollan Remedies Quest items cant be taken https://www.wowhead.com/item=156824/brutosaur-scale and https://www.wowhead.com/item=156809/envenomed-puffer-spine nothing happend when y click on places where from you to take 10/10 Stuck at story line
  6. You need to finish story line of zone witch you choose first.When you finish it others two will be unlocked again.When you choose second you need to finish it before choose last one.
  7. 1 . Crossroads Caravan Delivery 2. You need to talk with Rocco Whipshank and quest to srat but when y talk him nothing happend. 3. 4. 2/10
  8. Draxo

    Drag it Out of Them

    1. Drag it Out of Them 2. Npc`s for that quest totaly miss at map 4. 5/10 its first quest from 3 chain quest.
  9. Draxo

    An Explosive Exit

    1. An Explosive Exit 2. Cant click on wagon and NPC quest Reckless Vulpera is missing 4. 10/10 For story line
  10. 1. Reckless Vulpera 2. Two quest start from Nisha https://www.wowhead.com/quest=49676/dressed-for-battle https://www.wowhead.com/quest=47327/answering-their-attacks NPC need to follow you untill you done your Quests but NPC dissappear when y go out of cave after that cant be found to return your Quests. 4. 10/10 need to quest chain and Story Line. I add screen it buggy for both of US.
  11. More information about the quest : Quest doesnt work for class: Shaman and Druid i tested Work with Warrior and Paladin
  12. 1. Misha Tor'kren 2. Have 2 same NPC in one stop with same name
  13. Draxo

    Lost in the Floods

    1. Lost in the Floods 2. When you used Quest item Thonk's Spyglass need to start video and show you 4 locations and quest to complete.But when you used quest item tell only y need to be on top of tower. 4. 10/10 unlock chain quests. Is tested by 2 people its doesnt work for both of us.
  14. I try it with 2 cha still buggy for me Dont work with Druid , Shaman and my frend tess with his tauren too
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