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  1. ye the server is slowly dying...its even hard to find dps for a m10 let alone a tank or healer. Give people free 120 with starter gear so people will try this server out
  2. ye essences are so bugged, did a whole m10 boss fight and vision of perfection doesnt even pop
  3. can u freaking please fix this bug....all the time we get combat bugged and we cant mount or drink or eat PLEASE FIX THIS
  4. You guys should implement a gift donation system on the website.
  5. i agree with the VP bonuses, they should atleast give double votes every weekend so people are eager to vote to get tmogs,mounts etc. It takes 8 days to get a single damn piece, plus most of the raids are not even working properly
  6. so did the corrupt gm got demoted or banned? the people that were in his group are saying that everyone got banned except the GM?
  7. https://etherside.com/en/challenge/index damn level 30 mythic, hows this even possible...do they already have the corruption gear?
  8. i think they will only fix it when 8.2 comes out
  9. the dagger does no damage on the bat so he just keeps flying around endlessly and we need to complete this questline for the world quests...
  10. ymotepe

    Double votes

    I would like to suggest double vote points on weekends....i mean all we can buy with VPs are fun items and transmogs. but it doesnt make sense me taking almost a whole month to get VPS to buy a legion set...its just cosmestic items plus most of the raids are bugged and the loot is also bugged, either make it cheaper so people vote more or make double VP events
  11. high astromance solarian is not attackable
  12. 500 people online in the afternoon... i would say it already did constantly dying in m10+ bcus the dungeons are scaled for the naj/mech patch and we still have the previous patch gear. theres nothing to do in the server no events, pvp is basically 10v4 or vice versa, you could farm transmog but raids either dont drop loot or the bosses are just bugged. they are so focused on naj/mech that they dont even check the bug tracker for classes. apparently is more important to fix toys than rework broken classes
  13. Paladins mastery needs to be tuned im stacking mastery over 40% plus 2 Avengers Might(600 + 600 mastery when i pop wings) that gives me over 70% mastery and when i blow all my cooldowns i only crit between 30k - 40k in pve, in pvp even less paladins must have the highest burst in the game in the meantime feral druids or balance druids get me to 60% just by opening with their bleeds btw im 414 ilevel
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