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  1. Update: I levelled a character as advised and unlocked world quests on it. Sent one mission on the second character went back to the problem character. Nothing changed. But before that I was able to send one outpost mission but every other quest in that list seems to be bugged for this character.
  2. Don't have a second character but I'll make one and try. Thank you
  3. Character Name: Maenka For the last two weeks I haven't been able to start a single follower mission from the mission desk. After pressing to accept mission button, it does the sound as if it's been started but it doesn't do anything. I tried using im stuck function didn't do anything. I suspected "Casting the Bait" quest must've something to do with it because it was the last question related to mission hall so abandoned the quest. Still didn't do anything. I can see casting the bait on my mission list but I cant start either that one or any other missions.
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