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  1. i imagine most of your UK players will have this issue, you should really just add paypal as a donor account so you don't have to pay tax on it.
  2. 1st method DOES work with mastercard but is hosted by kinguin and is blocked by my bank. i have no way of contacting them either to let them know its safe. kinda screwed
  3. maybe someone with the authority could take a paypal payment from me directly??
  4. i have a mastercard 1st option is visa only 2nd option Fails when i try to verify to transaction on my banking appp 3rd is a prepaid card ive NEVER heard of 4th is out of the question because i'm not putting stuff like that on my phone bill, i don't even think my network allows this PAYPAL?????? I'm trying to give you money, you've made it impossible :P
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