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  1. This quest isn't coming for me. https://ptr.wowhead.com/quest=53847/on-whispered-winds I'm supposed to get Tyrande's owl appearing to give me this quest , but for my character , the Owl isn't turning up. I see this quest on the map where it is being shown as available. Character - Level 120 , WFDraenai Paladin
  2. Unable to turn in the questDeeper into the WoodsConversation with NPC inquisitor cleardawn does not trigger even when i come to the location.Character - Paladin level 120Location - Drustvar , Kul Tiras
  3. Please delete as submitted in the proper forum.
  4. Character - Zandalar Troll Paladin , Level 120. Name of not working spell/quest/npc etc. Quest Name : https://www.wowhead.com/quest=49079/hireek-the-bat-loa Description of the problem. Not able to Talk to NPC Jo-Chunga within the blood ritual pool. The NPC hireek appears. But Unable to interact with Jo-Chunga to start the quest. How it must work. Take the reference of this video for an example of how it works Before creating a report, follow one simple rule - describe everything so that you can be understood even by a person who has never played your class or even WoW. Then anyone will understand you, and no one will have questions. Priority of the problem(1-10). 8. As it's a linear campaign , Unable to progress further without this.
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