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  1. The members stopped playing or went back to retail, the guild is dead for like 3 months already guys.
  2. 1.) If admin gives me warning, then you should get it too, you called me "brainless" which counts as an insult. 2.) You wrote the question in my topic, furthermore this topic is public, so everybody can comment. 3.) Making my own rules? Lmao, nice, check out the server's rules tho. No, wait, I'll quote for you ,,#7 Do not mention @roles. Anyone can answer your question, even if you haven't spoken to them before." One more thing, you do care about what I am saying, since you replied, yet again, logic.
  3. Today I already bought 2 mounts, what I asked for, more to come obviously. How much i helped the server? With my friends, with my guild we came here to play. And you, how much you helped the server? "I wanna get back my char just to help others" that sounds just as pathetic as stupid, well, least it suits you, pal! You still don't know what's the definition of 'donation". Google is your friend mate, or just check out some e-books. Bringing up the "brainless" word, and talking about how you wanna have a full 425+ char among 350+ players, lmao. The irony....
  4. Also you "should be happy" that your character will be transfarred to the new realm, thanks to Zeox's kindness.
  5. You're so delusional, and obviously you can't see the bigger picture. The server majority didn't even reach 370ilvl yet. Your fully donated char is I suppose around 420 overall ilvl. You're saying you want your character to boost and help others? You really think that anybody will "eat" this lie? You'll storm into battlegrounds to one-shot lowbies, and now that arena season is about to start, you'll que then stomp every comp, not because of your "skills" but your itemlevel difference, then of course like every player like you, the unfair advantage will deceive you into believing that you're some professional player, so arrogant attitude is guaranteed. Now think about it, if there's more people like you, I mean about donated players, you think lowbie let's call it "normal players" will be okay with it? They'll be like "why push mythic keys, or raids, or arena ratings" if you can buy the best gear in the game? Whole progression will be pointless, and they most likely will leave, or go back where they came from. Talking about other nonsense things. You paid, that's great. But you know what you paid for? Like come on, it's even in the name DONATION. You donated with money to keep the server up. And now you're talking about how it's unfair, that you won't get what you paid for it? You're mistaken on so many levels, you get what you paid for, you paid for the server to keep up, and here they are, server is still up and running. You said "we need to pay, nothing's free today" then? Why are you crying? You donated for the x10 realm, not for the x100. Nothing's free, you said it. Oh so now you want to get free items on the other realm? That's sweet, it seems even you don't believe in what you said. You wanna free items? LMAO. Also, you accepted the rules/law with making a new account. So still don't understand why you're still crying.
  6. The server is doing great (just check the online players count) so please don't make it pay2win.
  7. As the title says, donated items, it's well-known donated items are coming into the webshop, since the server needs donations to stay alive. My suggestion is, lower the upcoming donated items' itemlevel. We all know what happened at the other server when they put 425 items into their webshop, Arena season died out, pvp died out, players left. 425 is mythic titanforged which is the itemlevel cap in the 8.1 content, it's rare even to get a 420 item, not a 425 titanforged item, and the chances to collect 15 925 item through ingame are almost impossible, so you will always be under those who donated and bought their gear. It would be fair in my opinion if donated items' itemlevel would be around 400 max (heroic raid itemlevel). So those who wants to buy items with Donation Points can do it, and the donation items won't kill other 'normal' players' progression, since there'll be a "reason" to do mythics and or raids even arenas.
  8. 1.)Vindictive Gladiator's Storm Dragon 2.) Cruel Gladiator's Storm Dragon 3.) Fearless Gladiator's Storm Dragon 4.) Demonic Gladiator's Storm Dragon 5.) Dread Gladiator's Proto-Drake
  9. gyoricsi


    I think a lot of people would be intrested in character migration from another servers, it would definitely bring new players to this server.
  10. We're planning to come and play on this server, because recently the other Bfa server (I won't mention it's name, due I assume against the rules) became pay to win. I have seen the content is 8.1, my question is, are the donated items' itemlevel 425 (mythic titanforged) too or lower? I am asking it, because a lot of player already left the other server, due it's impossible to be equal with players who bought their gear for donation points. So here it's the same? Thanks!
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