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  1. i made it but everytime forder turn to "read only". i cannot handle :S
  2. --------------------Error#132--------------------------- This error can be caused by various factors. An example may be that your computer has problems with reading and saving temporary files; This error may also appear due to outdated addons. The operating system may be to blame for this error. If you are a Windows 10 gamer you are first instructed to disable Xbox DVR. Then make wow.exe and / or wow-64.exe compatible with Windows 7. Verify that your game folder is not read-only or that it is inside a system folder. And run the game in administrator mode. Your game client settings may also be to blame for this error. Delete the WTF, Interface and Cache folder. Update your pc drivers. Sometimes the error can be caused because you have a bug mission in your mission log, some bug item in your inventory or guild bank. In this case, you should contact a Game Master or create a topic in Technical issues. Change the language of the game. Restart the game and launcher settings. Reinstall the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you try these suggestions and still have same issue, YOU can copy your game folder to " program files" and try again. It works for me.
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