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Found 4 results

  1. so i was trying to quest in thousand needles when i teleported in and got kill since there was a group of mobs at the flight master (odd choice btw) once dead i logged off because i had to go to work so when i logged on now my body is gone and there are no spirit healers to be found i walked around the map to see if i can get a different grave site but no matter where i go they don't spawn
  2. The door before Yogg Saron is bugged and will not open even after i killed general vezax.
  3. There is one mechanical that is supposed to be walking arround highmountain, he patrols while stealthed across Mucksnout den and the fields of An’she And the hunter is supposed to track him down by looking for the oil puddles he leaves behind and then flare the location where he is. This mechanowolf is called Treble and it should be available in BFA, but he isn’t there (I waited in the entrance of a cave where he should have passed for 4 hours and nothing). Please fix this and also add the paint buckets in the raid “The siege of Ogrimmar” that are required to craft every Iron Juggernaut and then tame them. Thanks for the help
  4. [The Kul Tiras Campaign] isn't working my character, it worked fine on the rest of my characters. Upon completing the quest the server went down and bugged out. Now even when i've abandoned the quest, it shows no footholds to choose from. The server crashed while this was happening.
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