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Found 4 results

  1. Yesterday i installed the game and everything was working fine, but now that i try to open it it just says: "You have been disconnected. (BLZ51901016)" What should i do? Thanks
  2. Hi, I was in the server fighting an elite in zandalar, then it got disconnected. It has been a few hours, but I still can't connect to the server. KInd Regards, LT
  3. I was in Western Kingdoms (Andahol?) and I got disconnected. I tried to log in several times and keep getting an error message. I waited for about 10 minutes and was able to log in but I was immediately disconnected again. (WOW51900319) error message. Can anyone help me with that? Thank you!
  4. [DISCONNECTED] Hello! I am a new player, started playing yesterday. Everything was working fine. I started playing WoW today in the morning and it was working, however it doesn't work anymore. I have been trying to log back in but it keeps disconnecting me. Help would be appreciated. -Fieldy
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