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Found 2 results

  1. Hello , i thing there is an bug while iam farming the profession of Herbalism ( https://de.wowhead.com/bfa-herbalism-guide ) i cant farm some of the " Heartblossoms " ( https://de.wowhead.com/item=52986/herzblüte#gathered-from-object ) theres allways an error that i need to get herbalism up to 475 (Cata) , so i cant get any of the hearthblossoms in deepholm or is there an trick to farm thes herbs can you fix this please, thanks you a lot
  2. Hi, I don't know if others have this problem but so far most people with herbalism find it hard to find Anchor weed which is needed for crafting Flasks for our characters. This is problematic for raids and such and i want to know if maybe it is bugged or something. I have found 3 spots where 3 Anchor weed spawns and that is it. I doubt it is respawn time because respawn time is so fast on this server.
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