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need review Siege of Orgrimmar gobject missing

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Hello, I’m writing here because I submitted a ticket about this and I was recommended to submit it here, so here it goes: Hunters are able to tame mechanicals after consuming an item that allows them to, but after I consumed it and started looking for mechanicals, I noticed that the paint buckets in the raid “The siege of Ogrimmar” (from mists of pandaria) aren’t there, and those are required to build a mechanical scorpion that hunters are able to tame. I looked for the buckets but I couldn’t find them (I even used the buckets coordinates from Wowhead). So I suppose it’s a bug from this server that all of the buckets aren’t there and I would be really gratefull if you could fix that.


Thanks for the help!


Sadly after checking it for myself, the paint bucket was there, I was able to create the item=137658 which lets me summon the npc to tame (which should be neutral for me and friendly to everyone else), but the npc is friendly and I can´t tame it 😞 added a screenshot. I would be gratefull if I could get back the item (my char name is wolfblood) and if you could tell me when it´s fixed to check it. the npc ID is 107677 and the problem is it´s faction to summarize.


Thanks again!

World of Warcraft 15-08-2020 22_45_19.png

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another bug appeared related to the item

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