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How to start play. Instructions.

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You don't have the game client? Download it!


Downloading via Torrent
Downloading via EtherSide Game Launcher

Download the torrent-file:
qyRnJ.png ksGTw.png

Open the file with any torrent app, for example μTorrent, and start downloading. (75 GB)

For MAC users

Download our exe-files:

Download, put it in an empty folder, run the launcher, select a path to the game folder. It will start downloading the game files.

The first launch of the game may take some time, it depends on speed of your internet connection. Game will download additional files in the background and at the end you will be able to select your game's language (region) to download files for your language. Later you will be able to change it in the Game Settings.
When all the files will be prepared, you can enter your email and password to log in to our servers.

Do you already have the game client? Just change settings for playing EtherSide, it's easy!


Just download our Game Launcher
You can use for the game any other game client, BfA version 8.2 and higher (if it wasn't modified by other launchers and patches). Remove from your client all files and folders except folders "Data", "Interface", "Screenshots". Download our Launcher and put it to the game folder:


If you do not have BfA client or it is corrupted, simply extract files to an empty folder, run the launcher and select a path to the game folder. Launcher will start downloading the game files, you can play while the downloading (you might have high latency while playing).


Read server rules before playing!




To join general custom channel enter command in chat window: /join world - for russian speaking players or /join english - for english speaking players (or even both!).


This information can be helpful for you

If you encountered any issues in our control panel Shop, you can create ticket straight in the shop.

If you encountered any issues in the game, create topic in our support forum. Perhaps, anybody knows how to resolve it.

If the issue which you encountered it's a bug (something doesn't work or not implemented), create topic in our Bug Tracker to inform our developers about it.

If you see someone who violates chat codes of conduct, press on the nickname (mouse right click) and choose "report", to send information about this player to our Game Masters.
If someone violates the game rules and creates difficultes for other players, report him in our report a player section.

World of Warcraft System Requirements

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