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FAQ for players. Answers to frequently asked questions.

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In this FAQ contains frequently asked questions of the players and the most selected answers to them.



We can not authorize you (BLZ51900003):

Скрытый текст

This message appears due to an incorrect login or password.

Starting with the "warlords of draenor" addon - the account name is no longer used as a login. Instead, you need to enter the mail that was specified at the time of registration of the account. Also, carefully check the keyboard for the included Caps Lock, before entering the password.


Character stuck / died in textures:

Скрытый текст

If your character is stuck, use Hearthstone item, or .st command

If your character died into the texture, the .st command is not available and it is impossible to get to the cemetery - write to the Game Masters in Discord, or write a personal message on the forum. The game master will entered in game, and teleported you in City.


We are in the same location, but do not see each other:

Скрытый текст

In "battle for azeroth" addon, the "War Mode" was introduced - a replacement for the usual pvp mode. When the war mode is activated, the character goes into another phase in which he can see and interact only with players who have the war mode on. You will not be able to see / kill, or somehow interact with players who do not have this mode enabled. Players with disabled war mode will also not be able to see / kill you.


Game servers rating:

Скрытый текст


Скрытый текст

Loot: x1

Experience: x1-10

Profession: x3

Reputation: x3

Gold: x1

Honor: x1



Full screen mode:

Скрытый текст

In "battle for azeroth" addon, Blizzard Entertainment decided to completely remove the "full screen mode" from the game.


CASC system:

Скрытый текст


The game cannot overwrite files. Try the following options:
1. Close the game, launcher, make sure that no processes from the game are hanging in the task manager. To do this, you can simply restart the computer.
2. Uncheck "Read Only" from the WoW folder. (Right-click on the game folder, and then select Properties. Now, at the bottom of the window, uncheck the “read-only” option and click “OK.” Important: from the entire folder and attached files, not just the main folder .)
3. If this does not help, try moving the game client to another directory (folder) / to another drive, there also uncheck the "Read Only" checkbox from the folder.
4. Make sure that no other programs use the game client and do not block recording, for example, they are not scanned by antivirus, torrent, and so on. Add the folder to the antivirus exceptions, remove it from the torrent and close the torrent, etc.
5. If you use other programs to protect files, make sure that they do not affect the game and the folder with the game.

Harded solutions:

6. Open "Folder Options", go to the "View" tab and put a check mark in front of "Show hidden files and folders" and apply it. After that, go to drive C, open the ProgramData folder. Delete the "Blizzard Entertainment" folder (If the folder exists).
7. Use CCleaner or another tool and clean the registry.
8. If the problem has not yet been resolved, try logging in with a different account (with administrator rights) on your computer and launch the game.

If none of the above helps, you need to look for other options, which prevents the game from writing files.



Скрытый текст

This is a loss of connection with the login server.

  1. Check if your antivirus software is blocking the connection. Antivirus can block not the program, but the Internet connection itself.
  2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection at the moment. For example, sites in the browser may open, but at the same time, the connection through the application may not work.
  3. Perhaps your Internet channel is not enough to establish a stable connection. Close all programs that can use traffic (for example, torrents) to free up resources for the game.

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